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YES! Give me FREE, INSTANT ACCESS to all 54 real estate investing forms, contracts and checklists…


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That’s right. You’re being invited to ethically “steal” 54 of my own, personal real estate investing forms, contracts, checklists and marketing pieces. Why? Because I’m an “abundance thinker” and I want you to benefit from them the same way I have.

  • Yes, they really are 100% free, no strings attached.
  • Yes, these are the very same forms I’ve been using personally as a real estate investor for the last 9+ years.
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I’m handing you a personal license to freely use them in your own real estate endeavors in whatever way you see fit. I only ask you to please not sell them or give them away yourself.

Cassandra“I really am fortunate to have come across your awesome site. It’s been a huge help to me because it’s so “newbie friendly”! I now have two deals in the making thanks to your simple forms that I use exclusively!

I’m telling you JP until I got hold of your forms and contracts, I was really scared to go out and make offers. The thought of those multiple page contracts with all the legal “wordage” frightened the daylights out of me. I mean really!

I had been at this for several years actually (I’m too embarrassed to tell you how many) when one day I ended up on your site and I hesitated at first when I saw FREE RE forms. I thought “Naaa, it’ll be the same ole’ unusable crap that I have not been able to use thus far so why bother.” Thank God I did! It changed everything!

It was so unbelievably easy “a cave man” … No seriously, a child can understand it. So I started calling all the leads people had been sending me and put two deals under contract in two days! I’m so grateful. Things are looking up for me. The easiness of the forms helped me to regain the confidence I once had before my encounter with all the confusing legal wordage.

JP, I can’t thank you enough for not being so pretentious and bringing to a simple rookie investor girls level. I really appreciate you keepin’ it real! So please keep doin’ wutcha doin’!”


Buying and Selling forms

  1. Lightning Fast Property Inspection Sheet
  2. Affidavit & Memorandum of Option (Buying)
  3. Affidavit of Equitable Interest
  4. Cash Offer Letter
  5. Contract Addendum – Generic
  6. Contract Addendum – Inspection Ctngncy
  7. Assignment of Purchase/Sale Agreement
  8. Purchase/Sale Agreement – Pro-Buyer
  1. Purchase/Sale Agreement – Pro-Seller 1
  2. Purchase/Sale Agreement – Pro-Seller 2
  3. Purchase/Sale Agreement – Wholesale Buying 1
  4. Purchase/Sale Agreement – Wholesale Buying 2
  5. Option Agreement 1
  6. Option Agreement 2
  7. FLEX Option Agreement
  8. Best Darn Sellers CYA (ESSENTIAL!)

Marketing Forms

  1. Bad House Door Hanger
  2. Bad House Letter
  3. Burn Letter 1
  4. Burn Letter 2
  5. Follow Up Letter (Old Lead)
  6. Letter: “Is It Time to Sell Your Out of State Property?”
  1. My First Letter
  2. Probate Letter 1
  3. Probate Letter 2
  4. Probate Letter Alternative
  5. Sell House to Neighbors Flyer

Rental/Leasing Forms

  1. Rental Application (Elegantly Simple)
  2. Tenant Initial Prescreen Script / Form
  3. Previous Tenancy Verification
  4. Lease Agreement (Full, Killer, Custom)
  5. “The Way Things Work” (Rent Discount Program)
  6. Residential Rental File Checklist
  7. Letter to Decline Tenant Applicant
  8. Move-in/Move-out Inspection Form
  9. Move-in/Move-out Acknowledgement
  10. New Tenant Checklist
  1. Notice to Pay Rent or Quit
  2. Receipt Form
  3. Release of Rights of Possession
  4. Security Deposit Agreement (Stand Alone)
  5. Surrender of Possession & General Release (“Cash for Keys”)
  6. Cold Weather Prep Letter
  7. Optional Week to Week Rental Agreement
  8. “YOU ARE LATE!”

Miscellaneous Forms

  1. Authorization to Release Information
  2. Contractors Agreement
  3. Independent Contractor Agreement
  4. Owner Finance / Lease Purchase Application
  5. Private Money Borrowing Guidelines
  1. Rehab Project Planning Sheet
  2. Property Management Agreement (Full)
  3. Property Showing Sign-In Sheet
  4. Request for Testimonial
YES! Give me FREE, INSTANT ACCESS to all 54 real estate investing forms, contracts and checklists…


Your Privacy is 100% Assured